Reading Palms

Using freely available Landsat 8 images and data from RPSO, illegal palm oil plantations can be detected over thousands of square kilometers in a matter of minutes. This can help safeguard the ecological treasures belonging to the Indonesian people.

Empty Homes Part 3

In the final article on low-use homes in the UK, we look at how low-use homes effect rural parts of England. We find in all 4 cases that low-use homes are more expensive than regular homes, indicating a general effect on the market.

Empty Homes Part 2

This post explores low-use homes in London taking Kensington and Chelsea as a case Study. We find that there are over 10,000 low use homes in the borough which are worth an estimated £21.5 billion, there are  also some pretty unexpected relationships between house price and low-use.

Empty Homes Part 1

There is a lot of talk about foreign investment and second homes in the UK housing market, but it is difficult to get much data. This series of articles tries to shed some light on this controversial topic.

Integration, Diversity and Brexit

Of the most Ethnically segregated local authorities in the UK 10/10 voted to leave the EU, of the most integrated 8/10 voted to remain. What does ethnic integration/segregation look like in the UK and does it really have a link to Brexit?